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crystal and chandelier services.

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Restore & Repair

We can repair or find replacement crystals for your chandelier.

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Unique Solutions

Professional Cleaning & Installation.

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"It's Crystal Clear We're the Best!"

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Professional Cleaning, Installation, Maintenance, Restoration, Repair, Relocation & taking pride in our work. Why take the time and effort out of your busy schedule, let the professionals of Parker Crystals handle the cleaning and maintenance of your chandelier! Call Today, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 954-709-3659, Los Angeles, CA: 323-515-9655


We are an excellent solution for your business or home.


Our Services included repair, relocation, cleaning, installing, and maintenence of your chandelier. Our other services include; wall sconces cleaning and installation, lamp repair and rewiring, ceiling art installation or cleaning and wall art installation or cleaning.

Bonded & Insured

Parker Crystals is a service provider we handle installation, cleaning, repairs, and relocation of chandeliers. Parker Crystals is bonded for your personal protection and carries an insurance policy.


We offer general maintenance for chandelier such as socket repair or replacing light bulbs. We have connections for L.E.D. lightbulbs for better efficiency. Parker Crystals offers our clients two different protection plans.


Parker Crystals can repair or find replacement crystals for your chandelier. Once the replacement parts come in we can assemble & dress your chandelier to make it better than new! We also specialist in Lamp Repair. Call today for a quote!”


Whether you just purchased your chandelier or worried about some handyman not handling your crystals properly, Parker crystals uses white glove service to assemble and install any and every chandelier correctly. We will even take the time to install the chandelier at the height that you will enjoy it most!


If you want your chandelier moved to a different room in your house or even moving to a completely different house. Parker crystals can remove, pack and safely relocate it & then we can install & clean your chandelier so you can enjoy every sparkle in its new location! We have Many ways to pack and transport your chandelier safely and effectively so nothing gets lost or broken.

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  • Email: info@ParkerCrystals.com
  • Website: www.parkercrystals.com
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 954-709-3659
  • Los Angeles, CA: 323-515-9655

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